3Shape Trios

Doctors with a TRIOS scanner can send digital impressions directly to Vision Artist Dental Lab through 3Shape Communicate.

To Send a file:

1. Dentist should be registered with a 3Shape Communicate account when the scanner is installed. If Vision Artist Dental Lab is not already pre-installed on the list of available labs, send a 'Connection Request' from the 'Communicate' account to Vision Artist Lab. Note: Dentist can register themselves at 3shapecommunicate.com

2. Vision Artist Dental Lab will respond that the lab is 'TRIOS ready' to receive your scans. Note: After steps 1-2 are completed, all cases proceed from step 3 (below). This is a "one time" registration process.

3. Complete the intraoral scan. 

4. Complete the TRIOS RS. Use the free form notes section to provide additional details, "emax, zirconium, etc." branded product name, and additional instructions. Unfortunately all restorative materials are not pre-populated on the RX. (If requesting a model-less case, please specify request in the note section of the RX.) 

5. Select 'Vision Artist Dental Lab' from the Lab menu and SEND.