Doctors with a Carestream CS3500 scanner can send digital impressions directly to Vision Artist Dental Lab through Direct E-mail to:

To send a file:

  1. Complete the intraoral scan and open the patient’s case in the DIS software.  This software can operate in standalone mode or through Practiceworks.
  2. Through the file button in the upper right corner of the patient history window choose ‘history open’ by clicking the book icon.
  3. After highlighting the 3DIO Folder, press the ‘Send To’ button located at the lower right corner of the window.  Once selecting ‘send to’, the STL files will be saved to the desktop.
  4. After completing step 3, compress each file individually and save to the desktop

*Right click the file from the desktop and choose ‘Send To’, then select the compressed (zipped) folder.

  1. Both WinZip and 7zip work as wellAdd the compressed files to direct emails as attachments and send to Vision Artist Dental Lab at:

*It is critical that two separate emails are sent, one with the upper and one with the lower arch. Files are too large to be sent in one file.