Doctors using Cerec® intraoral scanning system can send digital impressions directly to Vision Artist Dental Lab through Cerec Connect.

To send a file:

1. Create an account on http://www.sirona-connect.com/  and follow the prompts for activating the account. (If you already have an account, proceed to step 3).

2. After account activation, log into your account and select 'Vision Artist Dental Lab' from the list of available Cerec approved laboratories. 

3. While logged into your account add 'Vision Artist Dental Lab' to the folder labeled: "My Favorite Laboratories".

4. Log into your Cerec software and complete the digital scan.

5. Complete the Cerec Online RX. If requesting a model-less case, please specify your request in the note section of the RX.

6. Select 'Vision Artist Dental Lab' to be the STL file recipient and send the file.

Important Note: You do not pay a click fee to send files. The portal account is also free when sending to Vision Artist Dental Lab. 

Registering your doctor for Connect and choosing your lab.pdf

Scanning and Sending a Connect case.pdf