Full-Contour Solid Zirconia

Solid zirconia restorations are ideal for patients that require the strength of a metal restoration but desire a more esthetic result.  Zirconia restorations are CAD/CAM milled from a solid block, making them chip-proof and nearly unbreakable, while providing an ultra-precise fit.  Because of their strength, solid zirconia restorations are perfect for patients who brux or grind and have a history of cracking or destroying restorations.

Completely metal-free, solid zirconia restorations are biocompatible and have a high translucency which produces a natural esthetic.  Solid zirconia can even help mask discoloration in natural dentition.


  • Single units
  • Bridges 
  • Patients with metal allergies
  • Patients who brux or grind 

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