How to Package and FedEx Your Case

How to Prepare Your Case

Use our online resources to make preparing and shipping your case to us simple.

Preparing your case:

To ensure the shortest turn times, make sure your case includes:

  • Completed Rx Form
  • Impressions or models
  • Shade guide
  • Bite registration

How to Package for FedEx Delivery

Please be sure to securely package each model/impression to prevent damage during the shipping process. Use foam between the models/impressions in the box as well as in the bottom and the top of the box.

If you are sending multiple cases in one box, please be sure to place each individual case in a separate plastic bag.

Be sure to enclose a completed prescription with the doctor’s name, address and phone number and the patient’s name.

Be sure to close the box completely. If you choose, you may place the box in a FedEx bag; however, it is not required. Attach the FedEx return label to the box or bag.