NobelProcera ASC Zirconia Abutment

Vision Artist Dental Lab is excited about a new technology that has been developed by our partners at Nobel Biocare. We always look for the best option for our clients, and the NobelProcera® ASC Zirconia Abutment (angulated screw channel) is helping to further the progress of dental implants.  This new way of implants will allow both the dentist and dental labs to be more flexible in the use of restorative implants.  We are looking forward to use this in the future for our products. Benefits:

  • From 0° to a 25° radius, the flexibility of the screw access hole allows more difficult cases to be solved by ASC Abutments.
  • Easy removal and replacement due to the easy accessibility of the screw.
  • Increased productivity in the porcelain veneering process.
  • Customized zirconia abutment in the posterior, due to the conical connection abutment solution with metal adapter.
  • Omnigrip™ Screwdriver is designed to work in tangent with the NobelProcera ASC Abutments