Vision Artist Dental Lab offers a fixed, all-zirconia implant solution to complete your implant cases. The BruxZir® solid zirconia full-arch implant prosthesis offers a stable and aesthetic tooth replacement option with exceptional resistance to chips, fractures and stains. Our dental technicians also include a provisional CAD/CAM implant prosthesis to function as a temporary appliance and allow for greater evaluations and precision in the final dental prosthetic.

We offer zirconia prosthetics as an option to complete your cases because zirconia is the strongest ceramic material. It is 10 times stronger than natural tooth enamel as well as aesthetic, providing a highly durable and natural final result for your cases. Zirconia is also a biocompatible material and will not cause any adverse reactions in the body.

For more information about zirconia prosthetics in Annandale, Virginia, and to speak with one of our technicians, please contact our dental lab at (703) 813-5777.

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