We provide full cast metal restorations to help you meet your patients’ needs and provide them with long-lasting, durable results. Here at Vision Artist Dental Lab, each full cast restoration we create is made using noble or highly noble metals, ensuring the best possible results for your case.

Full cast restorations have been used in dentistry for over 100 years and have a long history of clinical success. In fact, they are an excellent option for patients looking for long-term durability, quality restorations and excellent marginal fits. Full cast restorations give patients a smooth tooth surface to ensure comfort as well as function and can be easily polished and adjusted chairside. They are also biocompatible and resistant to plaque, making them a highly practical option for patients concerned about their overall oral health.

To learn more about our full cast restorations in Annandale, Virginia, and speak with our dental technicians, please contact our lab at (703) 813-5777.

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