Does your office use a 3M™ True Definition scanner? If so, you can send digital impressions directly to Vision Artist Dental Lab via the 3M Connection Center.

Simply follow these instructions to send us your case:

  1. Log in to your 3M Connection Center account. This account should have been created when your scanner was installed. If you need assistance, contact 3M Digital Impression Customer Service at 877-722-628.
  2. Verify that Vision Artist Dental Lab is available under the Scanner Laboratory menu. If not, we recommend contacting customer service using the number listed above to request adding the profiles to the scanner menu. You can also contact our office and speak with one of our technicians.
  3. Select the Vision Artist Dental Lab profile from the dropdown menu matching your case preference:

    1. Vision Artist Dental Lab (when requesting models)
    2. Vision Artist Dental Lab (No Model) (when requesting model-less restorations)
  4. Complete the intraoral scan and select the Vision Artist Dental Lab profile that meets your model preference.
  5. Complete the 3M True Definition online Rx.
  6. Upload the scan data to the 3M Communication Center.

YourDentalLab TrueDef Connections

If you have any questions about 3M True Definition in Annandale, Virginia, or would like to speak with our dental technicians, please call our office at (703) 813-5777.

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