Offices using a Carestream CS 3500 scanner can send digital impressions directly to our dental technicians via direct email. Please click the link below to open a submission form:

Send Scan

To send your file, please:

  1. Complete the intraoral scan and open the patient’s case in the DIS software. This software may operate in standalone mode or through Practiceworks.
  2. Find the file button in the upper right corner of the patient history window and select “history open” by clicking the book icon.
  3. Highlight the 3DIO folder and press the “send to” button in the lower right corner of the window. This will save the STL files to the desktop.
  4. Compress each file individually and save to the desktop.
  5. Right click the file from the desktop and choose “send to.” Then select the compressed (zipped) folder.

Please note that you will need to send two separate files — one with the upper arch and one with the lower arch. The scanned images are too large to be sent in a single file.

If you have any questions about Carestream CS 3500 scanning in Annandale, Virginia, or would like to speak with our dental technicians, please contact Vision Artist Dental Lab at (703) 813-5777.

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